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This fiche is part of the study “Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe” and it provides an overview of the social enterprise landscape in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia based on available information as of May 2018.


Intermediary Org: European Commission

Year: 2018


The history of social enterprise practice in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is closely linked to the socialist self-management nurtured at the time of Yugoslav Federation and the appearance of different forms of economic cooperation promoting solidarity and mutual self-help. Initiatives identified during the socialist era (cooperatives, sheltered workspaces, and social organisations and associations) can be seen as a positive legacy that paved the way for the emergence of today’s social enterprises. Today, beside the Yugoslav legacy, beyond the formally established legal forms as identified above, there are initiatives such as crafts organisations and the informal waste picking sector that can be located in a “grey area” of social enterprise borders, but hold the potential to evolve into social enterprises…